About Us


Established in 1996, Xiamen Jinyang Industrial Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing footwear injection molding parts ever since. 


Jinyang is leading the industry with:


  • In-house mold-shaping competence
  • Automated injection molding production lines
  • Capabilities of reinforcing TPU & Nylon materials with LGF. 


Jinyang Industrial has over 10 years of co-operation experience with companies in Japan, the United States, Denmark, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, Indian, and Slovakia.

Quality Control

Each molded part will go through our quality control process to guarantee its quality & integrity.


We deliver cutting-edge shoe molded parts & components maximizing the client’s product performance & profits.

ISO9001 Jinyang Industrial


We have developed high-quality control standards and passed quality management system certification according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


We have expanded to a 430,000 sqft (40,000 sqm) facility in 2010. This expansion was to execute a fully integrated operation that ensures maximum efficiency. 


Plus, our manufacturing facility is powered by clean, sustainable solar power as we take corporate social responsibility and environmental protection seriously.