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Jinyang Industrial specializes in producing custom logos and labels, with the durometer, color, and performance characteristics relevant to the product’s end-use.

  1. TPU Logo
    Lightweight, weather-resistant, high abrasion-resistant.
  2. Silicone Logo
    Lightweight, high-temperature application, weather-resistant. Poor abrasion-resistant.
  3. Rubber Logo
    Heavy but high abrasion-resistant, high tensile strength.

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TPU & Silicone Logo Intro

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) Apparel logo/label is a custom label printed on a sort of rubber-like material that provides exceptional toughness and security.


Due to its resistance to severe problems, printed TPU labels are primarily utilized for swimwear, yoga wear, and sports shoes or serve as unique hang tags.


While many people prefer to print their logo and material on a transparent background, Jinyang Industrial can produce TPU clothing tags in any background shade. Jinyang Industrial utilizes the latest place shade printing, which offers a crisp, comprehensive look. However, please note that crisp, place color printing is done when there are three colors or less.

TPU Logo Feature

TPU Printed Clothing Labels are thin, only somewhat thicker than the standard paper we use. Therefore, stitching TPU labels is very easy and can be sewed onto almost any textile or textile. TPU garments tags can hold up against regular cleaning and dryer devices and will certainly not warp unless direct or excessive heat is applied.

TPU Labels generally are available in frosted clear, routine clear, white, and also a black background

Utilizing Rubber tags and Silicone labels and spots can enhance the look of your apparel and other products by adding brand in the face and feel. Rubber materials are utilized for their durability, longevity as well as color security. We generate Silicone labels not just for the clothing and footwear business but also for the vehicle and product packaging industries


TPU tags and patches are ideal for jackets, bags, shoes, and various other accessories, which typically require different distinct brand recognition methods than woven labels.

Rubber tags, TPU tags, silicone labels, and spots are excellent in revealing brilliant shades with a 3D effect. You can likewise develop your vital chains utilizing these sorts of flexible material.