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Jinyang Industrial is the world’s leading producer of OEM molded shoe shanks.

  1. TPU Shank
    Crafted from high-performance, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane material, TPU-50GF Shanks not only add stability to your shoes but also adhere to polyurethane perfectly.
  2. Dual-Density Shank
    Innovative, premium shoe shanks. Typically integrated rigid heel part (TPU-50GF/PA6-GF) to provide arch support & stability, with flexible toe part(PA11/TPU) to provide cushioning.
  3. Nylon Shank
    Crafted from glass fiber reinforced PA6/PA66 material with non-woven treatment, Nylon Shank is a more economic option to add stability to your footwear products.

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Shoe Shanks Intro

Lightness and comfort are the main trends of today’s footwear market.

More and more shoe engineers integrate shanks into the midsole to add stability and more balance to the shoes, minimizing “lateral movement”. 

However, the traditional steel or wooden shank is adding weight to shoes. 

That’s why we design and manufacture high-technology, lightweight Nylon/TPU shanks to help you compete in today’s market.

Plastic Shanks Features

Plastic Shoe shank products are also called TPU shank, glass fiber reinforced TPU shanks, PA6 shanks, etc.

The main purpose of using TPU shank products in golf shoes and work boots is to help the boot not just stamina and stability but additionally elasticity as well as flexibility.

Plus, TPU composite shank is much more cost-effective, lightweight, and extremely oil, chemical, and also abrasion resistant as compared to steel shoe shanks.

That is why major work footwear makers like ECCO, Timberland, Danner, Justin, Under Armour, Wolverine, Red Wing, Clarks, and also Dr. Martens integrate these plastic fiberglass shoe shanks in their shoes and boots.

Footwear brands integrate making use of above stated TPU shank based on their footwear building and user advantages.

The primary benefit of these kinds of plastic TPU shank is their agility and also flexibility.

These sorts of composite shoe shank are lightweight as well as gives good convenience too. Plus, they are less costly than their steel shank equivalents. Based on the benefits, TPU material shanks are likewise categorized right into 2 even more classifications.

1. Lightweight Plastic glassfiber Shank

2. Reinforced TPU Shank

Thermoplastic Polyurethane footwear support shoe shanks supply one of the most adaptability, agility, and agility to all work boots. In some boots, they are also reinforced to make shank assistance extra famous. This way, you get improved foot stability too. Because it includes excellent quality TPU shank into its midsole or outsole. This plastic shank has enhanced the boot’s resilience and torsional toughness. Steel shank job boots are a bit larger because of their steel building and construction. However, in this case, the work boot is built with plastic and TPU shank, which has made it extra lightweight and also comfy to utilize each day.

High building and construction standards, unrivaled assistance, and ergonomic suitability, and using TPU material shank make this Danner work boot among one of the most desirable non-traditional work boots in the marketplace.

Take a glance at your job boots, and you’ll most likely right away discover their difficult leather outsides and durable rubber soles. When it comes to work shoes, you require both durability and comfort. Several of that comes from what you can not see– concealed within the men’s and ladies’ footwear. What is it that offers your work shoes their framework?

TPU Shank Function

TPU Shank is what maintains your men’s work boots in shape, as they stiffen the outsoles to give you a stable platform. They’re tucked right into the insides, located over the outer soles at the waistline (or center component) of your work shoes. These trusty plastic shoe shanks are situated ideal between your heels as well as the round areas of your feet. Don’t allow the rigidity to fool you– they’re formed to contour your feet for convenience and also support. If you’re wearing your men’s work boots now, these level, stiff items of the product are simply listed below your arches.

Some shanks are half- or unabridged, while others are 3/4 the length of the outsoles. The unabridged shanks are the heaviest kind, and also, they can not be bent in half (that might or may not be a difficulty).

Other Shoe Shanks

There are numerous different kinds of shoe shanks, including metal (steel) and non-metal (composite): TPU, nylon, fiberglass, plastic, fiberglass reinforced plastic material, and also steel combinations with nylon, TPU, and also fiberglass. Training golf shoes usually have no shanks. For running and various other fitness activities, foot flex is necessary, as is having lightweight footwear. Shanks does not frequently evaluate you down, yet they prevent overworked arches that can happen if there’s way too much bending going on in your feet.

Nylon shanks, fiberglass TPU shank, and PA6 material shank are warmer and softer than steel. However, they’re still accommodating. Due to their certain material, they’re lightweight as well as versatile, so you’ll have the ability to relocate extra conveniently with these in position. They give simply enough flex to create a much more all-natural activity in your feet, and there’s lots of support to aid alleviate some anxiety in your arches. Though they’re not as proficient at standing up to rocks as well as sharp objects (due to not being made of steel), they’ll still assist support your steps just the same. Modern trekking boots are commonly constructed of these materials for lightweight shoes that minimize foot fatigue.

Occasionally greater than one kind of product is utilized. Fiberglass PA6/PA66 shank is an example of this. These are less heat-conductive but just as trustworthy as the rest of them. Steel combinations with nylon and fiberglass develop even more versatility than strong steel ones do. You’ll have the toughness of metal coupled with a much more lightweight aspect also.