TPU Outsole


TPU Outsole

Jinyang’s innovative translucent TPU outsole or TPU outsole skin products deliver unparallel abrasion, weather, lubricant resistance.


With highly automated production lines and in-house mold development teams, we are able to lower your shoe component’s cost by 20% while shortening production lead time. 

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TPU Outsole Manufacturer

TPU Outsole molded parts are also called TPU Soles for Rubber Replacement.


The main purpose of using TPU Outsole products instead of traditional Rubber Outsole in sport’s shoes and work boots is to add wear-resistant and slip-resistant protection to the shoe design.


Plus, TPU material is super lightweight and lasts longer than rubber soles. It has great resistance to splitting, abrasion, oil, and chemicals.


That is why major footwear brands like ECCO, Nike, Addidas, Danner, Justin, Under Armour, Wolverine, Red Wing, Clarks, and Dr. Martens integrate this TPU Outsole into their shoes and boots.

Our TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) Outsole is the all-rounder, matching most work environments. The significant distinction from the Nitrile Outsole is that the TPU Outsole is more light-weight and warm immune to 266ºF.
Most of our work boots come basic with a TPU Outsole. It’s very durable, offering high resistance versus cuts, abrasion, splitting, cracking, and high resistance to many oils and chemicals. The TPU Outsole likewise provides slip resistance for unequal and also unsafe surface areas.
All Steel Blue security boots, including our TPU Outsole, adhere to American Safety Shoes Certification ASTM F2413. Steel Blue Soft Toe job boots that include a TPU Outsole adhere to American Security Shoes Certification ASTM F2892.
If you don’t require extreme warm security, this is the light-weight Outsole you need for your work boots.