OEM Products

Jinyang Industrial specializes in providing plastic injection molding solutions for the footwear industry since 1996.


Our decades of experience and knowledge in this industry allow us to develop cutting-edge shoe outsoles, shanks, and other components, satisfying our client’s every need.


Lightness and comfort are the main trends of today's footwear market. We manufacture different functions and hardness shanks to fit in your design.


Lightweight but long-lasting TPU outsoles help your footwear products compete in today's market. Highly abrasion, slip resistance.


Available with various hardness options, we manufacture customized TPU/ Silicone logos with amazing colour fastness and UV resistant.


Customized plastic injection molded components tailor for your shoe design, satisfying all your specific performance demands.

LGF Composite

We have an in-house LGF reinforced material production line, capable of manufacturing LGF-PA, LGF-TPU materials in different hardness.


We have a full understanding of the value chain – from material reinforcing to mold shaping and injection molding. That knowledge can help you find new but cost-effective solutions to compete in today’s footwear market.


We are leading the industry with:

  • Mold-shaping competence
  • Reinforcing materials capability
  • Automated injection molding production lines
  • In-house lab test
  • Quality control team

Material Reinforcing

With decades of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to develop and manufacture high-performance LGF reinforced resins tailored to your needs, including but not limited to LGF-PA, LGF-TPU, etc.

Mold Engineering

Our in-house mold development team will work with our production technicians to deliver the best mold developing solutions, maximizing production efficiency and product quality.


Our lead time for mold development is generally within 2 weeks.

Lab Test

Once the sample has been manufactured, our lab will test its performance according to your specific demands and goals. 

Mass Production

We house multiple automated injection molding production lines with central resin drying and conveying system, ensuring the consistent quality of our products while largely reducing material wastes and labor costs.


Quality Control

Our quality control team performs multiple inspections, measurements, and testing at every step of the product production process, from incoming material verification to final inspection before shipment.


We ensure every footwear molded part meets our standard and your performance goals.